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Few places can genuinely say that you can watch a pod of dolphins go by while sitting enjoying a cold drink on your front deck.

Seals, dolphins and gannets are common on the Forth and there are occasional sightings of humpback whales. Many gulls, ducks and waders feed and rest on its rocks and sandy shores. Warblers and buntings (the rare Corn Bunting amongst them) sing and nest in nearby bushes and reed beds. Well-managed habitat fosters farmland birds including yellow hammers and skylarks and butterflies (Common Blue and Northern Brown Argus are being conserved).

Widespread just inland are roe deer, brown hares, badgers and in special places red squirrels. Much of this abundant wildlife can be seen from Catchpenny itself, along the coastal path or inland, wherever fancy may take the enthusiastic naturalist or interested beginner. A boat trip to the Isle of May is always thrilling and will add puffins and cliff-dwelling seabirds to this list of exciting possibilities.